The Experience

We sniffed out the best ways to excite your fur baby! Below are just a few reasons you’ve barked up the right tree.

Opening May 10 - June 2nd at 371 Broadway, New York, NY


Dogs Gone Wild!

Ever wonder what your pup does when you leave for work in the morning? Tear into trash, grab your underwear for a jaunt around the house?  Nest, a manufacturer of smart home technology including indoor and outdoor cameras, has enjoyed a massive, social-media blitz with raw footage of dogs gone wild. Here’s your chance. The Google-powered company is partnering with Dogville to replicate your living room and let your faithful companion go nuts. There’s canine-friendly furniture made of soft foam blocks all over the joint. And you’ll get plenty of before and after pics and videos.


Puppy Pit

What’s better than laying in a bed of adorable little fur babies? Nothing. Literally nothing. Dogville is partnering with local shelters with adoption-ready dogs ready to lick your face, give plenty of cuddles, and playfully romp all over you. This is the ultimate pooch interactive experience (and guaranteed to put a big smile on your face and a wag in their tails). Please check out Event Calendar to see when pups will be on site!


PAWsitive Reinforcement Spa

Namaste. Think Enya and purified water that’s hinted with a gentle scent of beef. Introducing the Doggy Day Spa. Here’s where Dogville can help you relax your pup, with soothing music and trained staff on hand knowledgeable about those best spots to massage your dog. Learning these techniques is a great way to bond with your pet and how to relax your fur baby, making them feel comfortable, happy and loved. 


Instagrammable Moments

Face it, the last 10 pictures on your smartphone is of your dog. We’re not judging. You’re not alone. The #Dog has been used 160 million times on Instagram. So, let’s kick it up a notch. Dogville will give you a chance to snap cute social-media buzzy photos to share with the world. Think Fido dominating Manhattan, going to battle with a giant tennis ball, and you in the ultimate dog sculpture garden. You’ll be trending in no time.


Yum Bar

We know. You can’t say the word treat out loud. T-R-E-A-T? We spell it because the second we say the word our dogs go insane. Dogville has partnered with Pet Plate and Wild Earth, two of the nation’s most reputable dog food companies that specialize in healthy food options for our pets. Both have been featured on CNBC’s Shark Tank, with backing by billionaires like Mark Cuban. We can’t make a world for dogs without appeasing their taste buds, so belly up to the Yum Bar. We have a smart and healthy sampling that will please even the most discerning palate.